MPC offers specialized service plans for Preventative and Remedial needs to Eliminate and Prevent Pest Problems in Places of Residence and Business Activity.

Parasites Extermination: Bed Bugs & Fleas

A great proportion of our extermination services are bed bugs infestations. It has become a greater problem in houses, hotels campuses and dormitories in North America.

Bed Bug & Flea infestations start as a result of these pests hitch hike on people or luggage, etc. There will be a proportional development of the infestation to how cluttered and dirty an area is. Vacuuming and moping on and around the bed and bed room will help to rein in the problem. Also, reducing hiding spots for these bugs, by reducing clutter and objects on the floor, would help contain the problem. In most cases an insecticide extermination would be required.

Quest Pest Management has a unique record in resolving such problems. Most infestations are completely eliminated just by our initial treatment. For more information on preparation for such treatment see Client Preparations for Bed Bug Treatment.

Rodent Control: Mice/Rats

We have 100% success rate in eliminating these pests from any area in and around a building structure. After initial application of rodent control measure, it takes about 3-5 weeks for the entire population to disappear.

We have noticed many a times that a mechanical control method such as Glue Traps or Snap Traps looses it’s effectiveness soon as the pests learn it’s predictable response. Same is true for the Electronic devices that generate “noises”. In a few days the pests get used to them and are not deterred any more.

Beauty of the anti-coagulant rodenticides, developed by Bell Labs, is that the pests do not become afraid of the bait they happen to find. They just eat it without any fear of being snapped in a trap. Typically, it takes 3-5 weeks for the entire pest population to disappear after the initial treatment. In the aftermath, in a typical case of infestation, there are no foul odours since the pests have dehydrated and have lost most of the body fluid. There is no need to locate the hidden nests of these pests which are mostly behind drywall, under the floors or in the attic. To client it simply appears as if the pests packed their bags and left the building.

Flying or Crawling Insect Extermination:

For Ants and Cockroaches there are bait insecticide, whose application does not require any preparations by the client. If contact-based insecticide spray is recommended, there will be some preparations on client’s part.

For more information on preparation for such treatment see Client Preparations for Contact-Based Insecticide Spray Treatment.

For the control of Spiders, House-Fly, Fruit-Fly, Sow bugs, Centipede, Bees or Wasps, generally, there is no work required by the client.

Generally bait and spray treatments are applied close to the nests and the foraging areas of the pests.